The year is 4710 and it is the Age of Lost Omens where the only certain thing is that nothing is certain. Aroden’s failure to return and apparent death a hundred years ago shattered the most reliable of prophecies known to mankind. Since then, soothsayers and fortune tellers have not seen a significant prophecy has come to pass keeping Golarion’s future shrouded in mystery. The people of Avistan and Garund are now forced to shape their own fate. It is an unstable, dangerous time, for dark forces seek to take advantage of the chaos to conform destiny to their whims.

The Red Band was formed when new found friends Greystoke the Bloodthirsty, Lem Longbelly, Vishlu Amsplenite, and Gerald left Diobel for Absalom to seek their fortune. The group got its name when they discovered a cache of fine, red Varisian scarves during the Hangman’s Noose incident.

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The Red Band

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