The Red Band

Asking Around

Session 17 - More Puddles

10 GOZRAN 4710 That morning Brother Sam, the Tiefling leader of the Pyrasphere Club, requested that you help him clear out some monsters swimming around in the basement of the Dryhouse in exchange for using his network to put the word out about Gerald. While Korvia, Bob and Gary continued to explore the Puddles district, Key Munzo stayed behind to prepare spell. As usual, Lem was no where to be found.

They arrived at the Float Shack diner, operated by a Dwarf named Grimm Stoneaxe. There they met Talkeetna, a female Dwarf Cleric of Torag who was also looking for Gerald. She and an unknown companion tracked Gerald to Absalom from the mainland. Just then, a small gang of Lizardfolk leaped onto the platform with intent to harm. Korvia, Bob, Gary and Talkeetna defeated the Lizardfolk. Interrogation revealed one name: Mentak.

Later on, the group went to the local tavern: The Mermaid’s Daughter, where they ran into Dodgy, Brother Sam’s right hand man, and Sketchy, Dodgy’s childhood friend.



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