The Red Band

Back from Hell


8 Gozran, 4710 As soon as you squeezed through the massive stone doors in to a long marble hallway you started to wonder where the hell are you. Is this place Hell or just hell? The hallway seemed to go on forever, but as soon as you reached the end, there was no way out. A dead end!

A few demons entered the hall talking among themselves, try to decide the best course of action; the best way to torture you mortal fools. On the other side of the wall, barely perceptible, you heard a voice calling for help.

Eventually Korvia discovered that he was able to use a spell he thought he had already used up for the day to dispel the magic lock on the door/wall. On the other side of the wall was a 15′×15′ room where stood a disoriented Tian Xian man. The demons were advancing.

Lem quickly started searching the other walls for another possible exit while the others prepared to hold off the advancing demons. Moments later he finds evidence of a door and Korvia is called to use his spells again.

Finally the door/wall opened up and the group escaped through it, suddenly appearing back at the docks. Bodies of the Cobalt Coalition and Grindle Street Shades littered the walk ways; a nearby warehouse set ablaze by a fireball; the cargo ship starting its descent to the bottom of the harbor; off in the distance the sound of a carriage retreating into the night.

As the group tracked the wagon, they came to learn that the Tian Xian man was Key Munzo, a priest of Pharasma who has been assigned by Balenar Forsend to check out cult activity in the Puddles district, which is coincidentally where Gerald is rumored to be.

The group travelled through some alleys to some quiet abandoned warehouses. Beautiful Dan greets them, but is puzzled as to what happened and why the shipment they managed to secure was an empty box.



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