The Red Band

Cult or Not?


9 GOZRAN 4710__ Even though the previous night’s activities didn’t go as planned, Beautiful Dan offered his hospitality for the night. After all, sometimes you have to risk investing in a new a relationship for future property. Over the course of the evening the Red Band decided to pursue the rumors of Gerald manipulating a cult in the Puddles. But in the morning, first things first: shopping.

The group meandered their way from West Docks to the Puddles district line. It was clear why everyone called the place Puddles.

The group rented a driver and boat from a Pyrasphere member, who was happy to talk about the “club” plans for the district and how Brother Sam was helping to build a stronger community. It seemed though, that the nomarch was making it difficult for the Pyrasphere Club to clean up, renovate and rehabilitate the neighborhood.

Later that afternoon, the group met Brother Sam after a brief presentation about the the club. He agreed to put the word out to his network about the Gerald in exchange for a little cleaning up in the Dryhouse basement.



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