The Red Band

Gang Wars on the Docks


6 Gozran, 4710 The next day Lem and Korvia come down to the mess hall to find an old friend of Lem’s from Diobel having a bit of breakfast. Bob, grew up and went to school with Lem, but soon after they reached maturity they went their separate ways. Lem went on to work at the family Tavern & Inn (and then adventuring), while Bob joined the Absalom Navy and traveled the Inner Sea in service of his country. He had just been discharged and is now looking for something to do. What a coincidence!?!?

Soon after the happy, albeit awkward reunion, a tall man in with lupine features, gleaming hair, flawless skin and carrying a long wooden flute approached the table. The man introduced himself as Beautiful Dan and tells you that he’s heard of the exploits of the Red Band (even though Lem is the only one wearing a red band). He represents the Cobalt Coalition and would like to employ the group as extra muscle against a common enemy: the Grindle Street Shades.

An important shipment is scheduled to arrived at the docks in three days and the word on the street is that the Shades know about the importance of the shipment are going going to cause a scene and possibly hijack the shipment. Lem was hesitant at first, as he doesn’t consider the Shades his enemy, but Beautiful Dan says ""You might not, but they certainly do. Balgrim Hurkes, the leader of the gang, is holding anyone associated with the Red Band for the murder of his brother Malgrim nearly a month ago."" He will also pay you for a successful job.

With that, the deal was sealed and the group set off into the city once again to search for the elusive Gerald. The first stop would be to visit Kreighton Shaine, the Dean of Scrolls at the Pathfinder Society Grand Lodge. It was possible that Gerald might have visited him, since Balenar’s offer of sponsorship extended to him at the time.

You decided to travel to the Grand Lodge via the docks in order to scope out the terrain. While there a group of shady looking people also looked like they were scoping out the terrain. Is it possible that these guys are the Grindle Street Shades that Beautiful Dan was talking about? There was a bit of a stand-off, but both groups moved on.

Kreighton Shaine wasn’t in his office when you arrived, so you decided to hit up the Crimson Coin, the local popular watering hole. This is the only other place in the city where it is legal to place bets on gladatorial matches. In fact, there’s also a pit where people can challenge the house champion to earn a little coin. Bob did exactly that. Lem did his best to increase Bob’s chances at winning (including cheating with magic), but the pit boss was too canny for that (Lem did manage to lift some keys and some gold from the guy). Bob got pummeled pretty badly.

Eventually, the group made it back to the Grand Lodge, spoke with Kreighton who didn’t meet anyone in the last month matching Gerald’s description. So, back to the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Lem decided to head back tot he Crimson Coin in the middle of the night to try to find out more about this Pit Boss guy. All he found out was that he’s employed by the owner and that he lives somewhere in Westgate.

7 Gozran, 4710 Midnight on Sunday arrived quickly and the group staged themselves along the dock with some Cobalt Coalition soldiers. The charge was sounded and the Grindle Street Shades advanced. Two of their powerful fighters were enlarged by their Gnome sorcerer. The battle was brutal, but suddenly everyone was transported to a giant hall with endless pillars. At the far end standing on a dais was a gigantic serpentine creature with razor sharp teeth, several horns and fingers that extended to the ground. ""You mortals have meddled in my affairs long enough! You shall never escape my the realm of the all powerful Saloh-cin."" With that, he commanded some of his demon soldiers to advance.

Deciding that it might be better to band together for now, everyone made a dash for the giant marble doors at the other end of the room while the enlarged fighters held off the demons. It took a bit of effort, but with everyone pushing at once you were able open the doors wide enough for everyone to squeeze through and escape for now.

What the hell just happened?



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