Lem Longbelly

Lem Longbelly of Fairdowns, Diobel - Halfling Rogue


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Dagger


Lem’s parents own a much traveled inn at the center of a large city
Lem worked there since a young age and came into contact with peoples of all backgrounds, races, classes, and even a few adventurers
His family constantly told him to keep an eye out for trouble and do his best to ease any problems at the inn

As a result of this constant instruction, Lem honed his skills becoming very attentive and aware of his surroundings, was able to smooth talk customers out of a heated argument, and picked up lots of local knowledge from overhearing so many stories told over a pint of ale (Perception = 7, Local Knowledge = 5, Bluff = 5)

While cleaning up the inn each evening, Lem would occasionally find things that patrons had left behind. At first he would hand them in to his parents who would hang on to them in case the owner returned. Eventually though, Lem started to keep things for himself. Thus began his initial interest in thieving. His habit of acquiring new items, usually not worth anything at all, soon led to his desire to acquire items of value. He soon began pick-pocketing the clients at the inn. He was good, and smart about it and chose his victims well. (Sleight of Hand = 7)

On the occasion that he was caught, he was usually able to talk his way out of it. Sometimes though he was not, and would find himself being confronted by the victim and either arrested or “dealt with” from his parents, the customers whom he tried to steal from, or the law. In all such cases Lem could usually again talk himself out of trouble and in some cases was even able to break free from his captures using a combination of stealth, agility, hiding, running, and more (escape Artist = 7, Acrobatics = 9, Climb = 6, stealth = 11)

The combination of these attributes plus his exposure to adventurers at the inn encouraged Lem to pursue more and more risky “jobs”. He began studying various types of traps in preparation and anticipation for these risky jobs (Disable Device = 7)

While Lem still has a long way to go to making a name for himself, the lure of exciting adventures and valuable treasures helped him decide to leave the safety and comfort of the inn and lend his skills to adventurers passing through town.

While good at heart, Lem loves the thrill of thieving, and the excitement of acquiring new items sometimes overshadows his natural “good” instincts but never to the point of killing innocents. He has no problem with knocking out the occasional guard to get to some promised treasure or even killing an evil kobold although he has never killed anything larger than a mosquito.

He has spent his life in a city and is very comfortable running around and hiding in an urban environment and is used to using buildings, wagons, storage containers, and people’s shoulders for leverage to jump up onto something, leap around someone etc. He has done so much of this while wearing heavy clothing and backpacks that he does not feel any sort of hindrance from it. (Expert Acrobat class feature – no Armor penalties on acrobatics, climb, fly, sleight of hand, and stealth)

When he finally convinced his parents that adventuring was for him, his mother was fearful but supportive and his father was proud for he himself once was an adventurer, supporting his group as a bard. A couple decades of adventuring and near deaths experiences led his father to opening up an inn that would support other adventurers. Lem’s father pulled a favor from a blacksmith friend and had a chain shirt made for Lem. (I still paid for the shirt using the starting money for my character, but I thought this made a nice storyline).

Lem has many ambitions and interests and will probably soon multi-class (although I am not sure which class yet)

Lem’s parent’s are still running the inn… they just hired some local boy to pick up some of the slack that Lem was doing. Lem was getting a bit to old to be working for his parent’s, cleaning up the inn, and breaking up bar fights anyhow. if it fits the campaign perhaps Lem’s parent’s inn can be in a nearby town from where our adventure begins. in fact, that could make sense for Lem. this will be his first adventure but he can always have left his home town and be in a nearby town when things get up and rolling.

the blacksmith is an old adventuring colleague of Lem’s dad. They worked a little together but really their relationship began after their adventuring years. they both had stories to tell and bonded as to retired adventurers who happened to settle down in the same place.

Dad kept his adventuring stories to himself. In fact, Lem did not even know that his father had such a fantastic past until he presented him with the chain shirt gift…. his mother really did not want her son to follow in his father’s footsteps and forbade dad from speaking much of it. She was happy with Lem home where she could keep an eye on him.

Lem did a good job keeping his thieving to himself… for the most part. when he did get caught he was able to make everyone (including authorities) believe that it was a one time thing (or two time) and it would NEVER happen again. in this way he has been able to maintain a low profile. I like the idea that perhaps there is one person in his hometown that suspects that Lem may have been involved in some of the more well known town robberies and “misplaced” or “lost” items. not sure who this person could be yet… maybe you can surprise me… since Lem wouldn’t know anyway. maybe this person could also have some sort of secret?

Lem is such a likable halfling that he has no rivals or enemies. people mostly enjoy his company or at the very least are not even aware that he is there. he is well known in his home town as the person who promptly refills an empty beer mug and keeps the tables clean and ready for new customers. most of these people do not know his name but recognize his face.

Lem Longbelly

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