Wiloctamo - Half-Orc Alchemist


Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Lt. Xbow


Wiloctamo (Half-orc Alchemist)

Of course. He was born Wiloctamo to in a human fort along the Orc Plains. His mother, a human, was one of the soldiers stationed there. His Father was a member of one of the nomadic orc tribes. After birth he stayed with his mother but before his first year, his mother was killed in a attack by one of the more war like tribes. One his fathers tribes came back a year later, his father took Wil with him and began raising him. Wil was not like the rest of his tribes while the tribe focused on physical feats, Wil focused on intellectual pursuits. At first this distanced him from the tribe, but once he created his first bomb and demonstrated its usefulness, he quickly found a place among the tribe. After one of his bomb accidentally went off, killing 7 of the horses and destroying four tents, the tribe decided it was best if he stayed on the outskirts of the encampment. This would prove to have a profound impact on his life.

At roughly the age of 14, elven slavers raided his tribe, since he was on the outskirts he was one of the first they kidnapped. He was taken two the fortress city the slavers came from and put up for auction. He was bought by Korrethu’a Dwinannia, a noble of one of the lower houses. The noble was young by elven standards, had an eye for talent, and was immensely ambitious. Because of Wil’s weak constitution, he was put to work in the house. While working there the noble, noticed he had an intellect to him. Now this noble had been researching experimental magic and alchemy, to gain an upper hand on the other houses. After one failed experiment almost took his life he decided it was to dangerous for him to proceed, and he couldn’t trust any of his fellow elves to work on the research. So he decided to have Wil to run the experiments while he observed through scrying. This was also when Wiloctamo became William, on account of the noble had trouble saying the guttural orc name, but was not about to give him a elven name. The research went on for seven years, with Wil making some discoveries, becoming the noble’s personal assistant and becoming friends with the noble.

Sadly this would all come to an end when the noble failed to return from a hunting trip. There where rumors of assassination, but nothing was ever proven, then again it would not be the first time that a young, up and coming noble was cut down, in the cloak and dagger world of elven politics. Since the noble had not yet married nor had offspring, his estate went to his closest living relative his eldest cousin, Kyinar.

The cousin was much more like the standard elven nobles then his cousin, paranoid, secretive, racist, more afraid of losing what he had then gain anything. His youngest son, Sidre, knew that he stood to inherit nothing, so when he learned that Wil had been working on experiments for his uncle, he sought him out. Sidre sneaked Wil out to a secret lab and told Wil to make a potion to make him physically stronger, far beyond what normal potions could do, and make it permanent. Wil worked in seclusion day and night, finally the by the seventh month, he had created the potion. The son was to have an exhibition gladiatorial match the next day, so the son took the potion and drank it the before going to sleep. By morning the potion had finished working, the son was physically perfect, but while it had made his body stronger it had weakened his mind, to the point where he had the IQ of a four year old. Kyinar upon learning of this immediately sent healers, but nothing could be done. He flew into a rage, promising a fate worse then death to how ever had done this.

By the time the investigation revealed that it had been Wil’s potion which had caused Sidre’s condition, Wil was long gone. During the investigation the Orc Underground had contacted him, thinking the potion was on purpose and believing they could uses Wil’s talents. The Orc Underground was a group of escaped orc slaves, working to free other orc slaves. They spirited Wil out of the city and into their base, situated in a large cave complex. There Wil aided them in their cause for two years, but he knows his alchemy skill could not develop here. So with a heavy heart he left them, a guide helped him to the surface far from the elven fortress city, but near a small halfling sailing community. The halflings had long been helping the orcs transport former slaves to where ever they need to go. Wil was told of absalon by the Halfling, the city at the center of the world, where all known knowledge was stored. Trying to avoid the taxes they dropped him of in a small smuggler port.


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