+1 Adamantine Long Sword - Discovered in the Tomb of the Forgotten King

weapon (melee)

Currently possessed by Greystoke the Bloodthirsty

Merthuvial is a jet-black longsword, with a plain hilt decorated by a single large pearl in the pommel. The blade appears to be in perfect condition.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 adamantine long- sword; Cost 5,315 gp. Before learning the results of your roll, you can reroll one Diplomacy check per day.

Omen: When unsheathed, the weapon glows with a light the strength of a torch. In combat, this light changes to a deep red, with no change in strength of illumination.


Merthuvial (“Kingmaker” in Celestial) belonged to King Theron, which was used in ancient times to unite the lands and defeat the monstrous humanoids.

King Theron’s champions also had powerful legacy weapons, which were stolen by the Vanguard of Sertrous.


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